Thursday, December 3, 2020

 Tiyanu cloud emulator is the best application to play GTA V, Watch dogs 2 and other PC games for free. Just login on this emulator and select your server and just play your game you can get 50 min play time daily.


1. Open app

2. Go to last option.

3. Select login option.

4. Then click on forgot password.

5. Enter Chinese no. and set your password and also enter OTP that you received in website.(use temporary china no. Website)

How to play

1. Go to free option and click on button near image.

2. Select 1 server to play GTA V on Android (because in 1 server GTA V in already installed)

3. Then click on select button.

4. Wait in queue

5. Then after PC in opened in front of you.

6. Click on mushroom type option and play GTA V.

Want direct download link then wait 15 second.

You have to wait 25 seconds.